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    Si-a revenit. Global freleech.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlphaRatio
    We at AlphaRatio hope all is well for the jolly season and hope everyone had a good week.
    As some of you know we had an SSD drive fail just before XMAS, all is now fixed.
    Here is the info!

    Jan 2nd, End of Global Freeleech Event.

    Dec 31st, upcoming RatioBoost Giveaway and Silver Gift.

    Dec 28th, upcoming 2hours maintenance and Stat Bonus!

    Dec 27th, x10 SeedBonus and IRCBonus Event.

    Dec 23-24th few tweaks etc after migration.

    Dec 22nd, few hours later Global Freeleech was enabled.
    Dec 22nd, early that morning the site migration to new hardware was completed.

    Dec 21st, early morning the site became very slow before timing out etc, this was due to a sudden change in 1 of our SSD's health on our server.

    alb,alb, alb, alb, alb, alb, alb

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    Global Invite's Remaining: 391

    Global Invite's will Close on 14th January 2018 @ 19:00:02.

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