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    Site description (HDBC) is a small private bittorrent tracker, currently running on project gazelle, all uploads are freeleech (only upload is counted) and it has some very nice features.

    All users can upload, the current tracker categories are:

    We have have a a few internal groups (HDBriSe, BobOki, PLRVRTX), they encode HD content or they release full blurays, from time to time.

    We also have an autouploader for the latest movie releases. Requests are filled quite often.

    User Classes

    Some stats (as of 28.02.2017)

    Torrents: 13,235
    Requests: 289 (86.85% filled)
    Snatches: 112,185

    Our plans for the future are to keep working on the site code and expand the coder team and internal encoding groups. We plan to keep the site small, for friends and very active users. If you want to join, you know what you have to do.

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