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    After 9 years, was shut down by french law enforcement. We can't give up now!
    The hydra is still alive and now that one of its heads has been chopped off, it'll regrow three new ones.
    Let's rebuild our library!
    Also, all the music from isn't lost. It's just unreachable to us at this moment.
    What is is a new Gazelle-based private music tracker. It was created after's shutdown. Our goal is to slowly build up a big library with a focus on security, accuracy and quality. Although there is a variety of new music trackers, we want to keep alive for the sake of decentralization. PTH or Apollo might die at some time and we want to be ready for that. We also want to prevent mistakes by not rushing it too much.

    What we have:

    Some music
    a lot of security
    a few users and seedboxes
    new logchecker
    new IRC ( Port 6697 (SSL))


    If you are interested, send me a PM with your mail address.

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    Este un thread deschis pentru trackeru asta

    Lista neagra (va rog nu ma contactati pentru invitatii):

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