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Thread: Vrei titlu personalizat?

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    Buna seara.

    As dori si eu "CzTeam Staff". Cum are Devilox si xyzedro, nu la semnatura.


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    Salutare .
    As dori accelasi CT '' CzTeam Staff '' Cum apare la AngelHeart,Devilox,la fel nu la semnatura! Suntem din aceeasi trupa.
    O schimbare de user name din remus27 in DrD doar daca se poate ,va multumesc!

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    Salutare .
    As dori si eu CT '' CzTeam Staff '' Cum apare la AngelHeart, Devilox, la fel nu la semnatura.
    Daca se poate.
    Multumesc anticipat

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    Statutul de Tracker's Staff se poate obtine cu dovezi catre mine, prin PM.

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    As dori si eu o schimbare de "CT". Titlul personalizat dorit: Staffie .
    "We are all here because somebody had sex! Everybody should relax a bit." - Peter Dinklage

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    Se poate seterge CT-ul ? is dead.

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