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Thread: SoftMP3, SweDVDR and DarkSide trackers to shut down, TTi policy change

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    Unhappy SoftMP3, SweDVDR and DarkSide trackers to shut down, TTi policy change

    For BitTorrent trackers that are hosted in Sweden, these are indeed dark times. Once a safe heaven for torrent sites, Sweden’s BitTorrent tracker scene has been collapsing ever since The Pirate Bay lost their case in Swedish court. In addition to the bunch of private trackers that closed earlier, two more popular Swedish trackers have decided to shut down their operations; SoftMP3 and SweDVDR. Another popular site based in Sweden,, has undergone major changes fearing legal action - It looks as if TTi will refrain from tracking copyrighted content in the future.

    We have quoted below some of the messages posted on these sites informing members of the shutdown/changes. Note that some of these are translated versions since the original messages were in Swedish/Hungarian.

    Following is now displayed on the homepage of SoftMP3, a popular private tracker that specialized in music torrents:

    It is with great sadness we inform our members that this tracker is closed indefinitely on grounds of safety.
    And quoted below is a new post from SweDVDR – a large torrent site that tracked untouched DVDR releases of Swedish and English movies. They were apparently threatened by Swedish Anti-Piracy Agency with legal action:

    2009-04-22 - Swedvdr's future
    Most Swedish trackers including Swedvdr has received threats from the Anti-Piracy Office so torrent activity must stop.
    Since I do not want litigation against me will be sadly Swedvdrs tracker and torrents disappear within a week.
    Like Swebits page will still be evident, including the Forum remains. / / Soft
    Popular General/0Day tracker too have undergone a shocking policy change ahead of the mass shutdown of Swedish trackers. Below is a message posted by TTi staff on site homepage:

    The future of TTi
    All of us in Staff just came back from a 1 hour long meeting regarding the future of TTi. The meeting is now over and we have finally come to a conclusion.
    From now on, TTi will only concentrate on bands/artists that want to spread their material on the Internet and waiting for a record contract. As you might have noticed, we have had our own music releases with bands that want to be spread around the Internet, hoping for a record label to spot them for quite some time. Because of all the turbulence and insecurity about whether it's okay to run a tracker or not, we have now decided to go full out on bands that want to be discovered through the Internet.
    The forum will stay as normal. We know how much you like our forum, and we will do everything we can to keep up the awesome spirit that we have today. We will however make some small changes, all for the greater good.
    More things will come up, but more info about that will come up later on.
    We of course realize that many of you are disappointed about this suggestion, but we have decided that this is the best for the future of TTi, because closing down the site completely is something that will never happen. We hope that you will still hang around the site and help us out keeping the site as good as we have always been!
    Best regards,
    TTi Staff
    Meanwhile the elusive and well hidden general/0day tracker DarkSide (DS – not to be confused with the torrent index DarkSide_RG) too have decided to shut down. Unlike other sites mentioned in this article, DarkSide is not shutting down due to legal threats (Swedish law has no impact on DarkSide since it’s a Hungarian tracker). As far as we know reasons for DS closure include the bad behavior (Hit and Run, etc) and attitude of majority of the site’s users as well as a flurry of low quality releases uploaded to the tracker recently. Anyways DarkSide was a great tracker and it will no doubt be greatly missed by it’s loyal members.


    Nnnuuuu si TTi...asta chiar mi-era drag. Cand sa ajung si eu Legend User la ei fac de astea :-(
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    Pregatit sa sa boxez

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiger6ex View Post
    ...Nnnuuuu si TTi...asta chiar mi-era drag. Cand sa ajung si eu Legend User la ei fac de astea :-(

    hai,lasa ca trece,nu te mai gandi,nu are rost sa plangi,maine o sa fie mai bine,ai sa vezi...gata,uita totu

    nu am cont pe nici unu din trackerele care s-au inchis in ultimele 2 zile,asa ca i just don't give a 'pfuck' about them...prea multe impresii pe nordici,gretosi ca intotdeauna
    imi amintesc ca am intrebat nu stiu ce chestie,pe NB pe irc,raspunsul lor a fost: pai daca nu esti de'al nostru (nordic) poate ar fi fost mai bine sa nu iti faci cont,NB fiind un tracker nordic,pentru nordici.....ultima parte fiindu-mi subliniata de cateva ori

    eeeei baietii,acuma sa va vad,gata fitele exclusiviste?

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    se inchide si SceneHD-u :/

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    mai bine le inchid decat buttsecs in inchisoare

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    Quote Originally Posted by UNLiMiTED View Post
    se inchide si SceneHD-u :/

    This is only temporary, we are looking on some other options.

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    Si totusi, unii ii vor simti lipsa.

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    mai multi, nu doar unii :-(
    Pregatit sa sa boxez

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    Mesaj primit dimineata :

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Hi everyone

    As most of you will be aware by now leecherslair is currently offline due to us being taken down by the Malaysian government. You can read more on the link below.

    Government Shuts Down BitTorrent Tracker | TorrentFreak

    We are hoping that the server will be released back to us sometime tomorrow but we cannot be certain of that. One thing I will say is that we will not be staying with this hosting company and I am at this very moment looking for another host.

    Do not listen to any rumours about LL, we are not closing down and I hope that we can get the site back up as soon as possible. I am sending this email out to all members via a backup which I have loaded onto another server. I do have a test server which some members are hanging out on as it has a shoutbox and we can also keep members up to date with what is happening. If you want to join us then click the link below, you will need to register as it has nothing to do with the main site at all.

    Alternately you can register an account with our forums to also keep up to date with the goings on on the following link:

    The Lair Forums

    Any member that is worried about this situation there's no need as I have removed all logs from the server as well as all snatch lists. So there is nothing for the Malaysian government to gain from it.

    I will keep you all updated one way or another and I can assure you that the Lair WILL be back

    Respect : -
    F*ck : fail list, XtremeDC

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    TTi imi placea mult, gaseam intotdeauna ce vroiam pe el.
    DarkSide il ingrageam foarte mult, imi era unu din cele mai drage si acolo aveam si ratia cea mai mare
    Nici SoftMp3 nu era rau, cred ca asta e deja inchis

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    urmeaza SCT.TL,......?
    sceneHD mai merge inca

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    sct l-au mutat deja pe alt server din us,iar din cate stiu eu tl era prin olanda(nu sunt sigur)
    au avut de suferit numai trackerele nordice

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    1 Pages: [1]
    Rank Tracker Name Comm. Rating Added Country
    1 TorrentLeech
    General 303 rating: 4.8 / 5
    327 Votes 2008-12-25
    17:29:26 Sweden
    2 SceneTorrents
    General 175 rating: 4.7 / 5
    168 Votes 2008-12-25
    17:33:25 Sweden
    3 TTi
    General 146 rating: 4.7 / 5
    190 Votes 2008-12-25
    17:45:19 Sweden
    4 FileMP3
    Music 15 rating: 4.6 / 5
    38 Votes 2009-03-28
    14:19:34 Sweden
    5 TorrentBytes
    General 82 rating: 4.5 / 5
    171 Votes 2008-12-26
    14:12:00 Sweden
    6 SceneHD
    HD-Content 71 rating: 4.5 / 5
    144 Votes 2008-12-26
    15:17:06 Sweden
    7 softmp3
    Music 47 rating: 4.4 / 5
    109 Votes 2008-12-26
    16:28:08 Sweden
    8 FilePorn
    Porn 41 rating: 4.3 / 5
    68 Votes 2009-01-02
    17:57:15 Sweden
    9 Cinematik
    Movies 31 rating: 4.3 / 5
    64 Votes 2009-01-02
    19:21:58 Sweden
    TV-Eps 36 rating: 4.3 / 5
    74 Votes 2009-01-03
    12:46:23 Sweden
    11 SceneAccess
    General 89 rating: 4.2 / 5
    141 Votes 2008-12-25
    17:59:45 Sweden
    12 TheVault
    Docs 24 rating: 4.2 / 5
    64 Votes 2009-01-14
    20:01:05 Sweden
    Astea ar fi cateva care au steag suedez
    pe unele cred ca le-a izibit vreun iceberg
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    Au steag suedez, dar sunt hostate pe alte meleaguri, cateva dintre siteurile mentionate mai sus...

    "Save the world... there is no other !"

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