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    10 of the World's Most Insanely Luxurious Houses

    Antilla, Mumbai - The first Billion dollar home

    Mukesh Ambani, the fifth richest man in the world and head of the Mumbai based petrochemical giant Reliance Industries is estimated to be worth somewhere in the region of $43 billion. He is also the owner to-be of a 27-story skyscraper in downtown Mumbai that is to cost him colossal $2 billion! His wife Nita Ambani was staying in the Mandarin Oriental in New York and was so impressed with the interior Asian style decor that she wanted something similar for her to live in. What resulted from that is the world's largest and most expensive home ever. Every story in the Antilla's skyscraper home will be built to a different specification. The vast variation of materials to be used in its build has tremendously added to its overall cost. The meticulous planning that has gone into this architectural design is astounding and once the 27 -story tower is built it will certainly become a spectacular site for all eyes. Hirsch Bedner Associates are the designers behind this project.

    Updown Court, England - The most important private residence to be built in England since the 19th century ($150 million)

    Updown Court is situated only 25 miles from London, and through a pair of large sophisticated iron gates, one can see a palatial construction of immense scale and beauty. The property, however, is best known for its price tag: more than 85 million British pounds (+$150 million U$, with 103 rooms, five swimming pools and 24-carat-gold leafing on the study's mosaic floor. There's a squash court, bowling alley, tennis court, 50-seat screening room, heated marble driveway and helipad. Eight limousines will fit in the underground garage. Then there are the neighbors, who include the queen (at Windsor Castle) and Elton John. It is listed with Savills and Hamptons International. So, even if your blood doesn't run blue, with enough green you can still live near—and like—royalty!

    Versailles, Florida - The largest family home ever built in the US

    This 30 bedroom mansion boasts its own bowling alley, roller skating rink and Olympic sized swimming pool to make it the largest family home ever built in the US. Time share mogul David Siegel and his former beauty queen wife Jacqueline began building the huge estate three years ago. But with almost 18 months of work still to be carried out on the property they have put it on the market at $75m. Experts believe a further $25m needs to be spent before anyone can move in.

    As well as 30 bedrooms the home would have 23 bathrooms with spectacular views over Lake Butler, about 20 miles from Orlando. The hand-built windows for the house cost more than £2m and other luxuries include a ballroom and a children's theatre. There is a garage with enough space for 20 cars, three swimming pools, a large boat house, formal gardens, and a one-story gatehouse with an apartment. There is also a baseball field, two tennis courts, a 60 foot by 120 foot Grand Hall with a 30-foot stained glass dome, two grand staircases, a 37 foot by 30 foot kitchen, 10 satellite kitchens, a two-story wine cellar and a rock grotto with three separate spas behind an 80-foot waterfall. All 23 full bathrooms have full-sized Jacuzzis, 160 tripled paned windows and Brazilian mahogany French-style doors that alone cost pds2.million.

    The property was called Versailles as the entrance was modeled after the Palace of Versailles in France.

    Fleur De Lys, Beverly Hills – Mariah Carey's palace

    For the woman with the most expensive pair of legs, it was only fair she also had one of the most expensive houses in the world. Mariah Carey apparently had no problem scraping together a nice down payment on this palace in Beverly Hills. The Fleur De Lys is among the world's most expensive estates with an asking price of $125 million. Maria Carey's new digs were built by a Texan billionaire on 5 acres; it is 41,000 square feet of pure diva luxury and will also be modeled after the most extravagant home of its time: the Palace of Versaille, the former home of Marie Antoinette. Surrounding the mansion are rolling lawns, ornamental gardens and mature trees, a 3,000-square-foot manager's house, staff quarters for 10 people, a spa and pool with a pavilion, a championship tennis court, and a lavish garden folly.

    Hearst Mansion, Beverly Hill –The Godfather Mansion

    This Beverly Hills mansion has been advertised for sale at $165m (£81.4m), making it one of the most expensive residential property listed in the US. The former home of US newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst has 29 bedrooms, three swimming pools, tennis courts, its own cinema and a nightclub. He has decorated the property with statues brought north from his famous Hearst Castle in San Simeon and with life-size paintings of Davies. Mr. Hearst bought the H-shaped mansion in 1947 for about $120,000. In 2007, the estate's current owner, who bought it in 1976, put the home on the market for US$165 million. The home's buyer will have some notable neighbours, including Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and David and Victoria Beckham.

    Acqua Liana, Florida – The most luxurious eco mansion

    Frank McKinney, known as the real estate “artist,” has built a 15,000-square-foot “eco-mansion.” Is that possible? I am not sure whether to look in awe at all the sleek green that money can buy, or to recoil from the notion that 15,000 feet of excess is environmentally friendly. Inspired by trips to Bali, Fiji, Tahiti and Hawaii, the three-story, 15,000-square-foot, 7-bedroom, 11-bath mansion features floating sun terraces, a waterfall spa with a fire feature in the water and an arched aquarium wet bar. Green features inside the one-off mansion include enough solar panels to cover a basketball court generating enough energy for two or three average-size homes. A water system that collects enough run-off water to fill the average swimming pool every 14 days and environmentally conscious lighting reduces electricity consumption by 70 per cent. There is enough reclaimed wood to save 10.5 acres of Brazilian rain forest.

    Villa Leopolda, France – The mansion that caused a man to lose a 75 million deposit

    The magnificent $750 million Villa Leopolda in Villefranche-sur-Mer was built for King Leopold II of Belgium in 1902. The estate is so big that it requires 50 full time gardeners. The grounds cover 20 acres of garden and visitors can stroll amongst 1,200 olive, orange, lemon and cypress trees. In 2008, owner Lily Safra (wife of the deceased Syrian (Lebanon-born) businessman Edmond Safra), a famous Jewish philanthropist, decided to sell it. Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov intended to buy it. After making a ten per cent down-payment, he then backed out of the sale after the global credit crunch hit. But a court in Nice later ruled that he had to forfeit the $75 million deposit he put down for the mansion. Prokhorov had signed a sales agreement for the Villa, and French law stipulates that purchasers lose their deposits if they pull out after such an agreement has been executed. But don't feel sorry for the guy, he is still worth a cool $17.85 billion.

    The Manor, Los Angeles – Aaron Spelling dream house

    His wife Cindy dubbed Aaron Spelling's 56,000-square-foot LA mansion “The Manor”. Built for him in 1991 it has 123 rooms for his family to choose from. Nothing was spared in the creation of this home, with an indoor skating rink, multiple pools, three kitchens, sports courts, private orchard, and a bowling alley. Not happy with the “norm” for these mansions, there are also more unusual additions, such as a doll museum, a room used exclusively for wrapping presents and an entire floor dedicated to closet space. In 2007 Candy Spelling, estranged mother of Tori Spelling, decided that her 57,000 square foot mansion was just a tad bit large for her and her pooch and decided to sell it and turned the mansion into the most expensive estate (in terms of current listings) at that time.

    The Manalapan Residence – the ultimate oceanfront estate home

    Set upon 5.5 acres, with 520 feet fronting direct Atlantic Ocean-to-Intracoastal waterway property, The Manalapan Residence triumphantly blends Old World elegance and classicism with 21st century facilities. Some of the amenities of this 3-story ‘beach house' includes 67,672 square feet, 14 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, 18 car garage, 6,140 sq. ft. master bedroom suite, movie theatre, casino and club room with aquarium wet bar, gymnasium with beauty salon, shark tank, 2 elevators, bowling alley, tennis court and a go cart track. Do you still need more reasons to believe this is the greatest mansion if you want to live in front of the ocean? The only bad thing is its price tag of $135 million.

    Barbie Malibu Mansion – a life-size mansion inspired by Barbie's dream house

    In honor of Barbie's 50th birthday celebration, interior decorator extraordinaire, Jonathan Adler, decked out a real-life 3,500-square-foot pad overlooking the Pacific Ocean to look like the blond doll's outrageous home. He lined Barbie's bedroom with wall-to-wall pink carpeting emblazoned with her initial. The closet is filled with 50 pairs of pink peep-toe heels while her kitchen is stocked with cupcake-making ingredients. An in-house museum features 25 vintage Barbie dolls on display. In the garage? A pink Volkswagen New Beetle with a motorized pop-up vanity in the trunk. Adler's favorite furnishings are hanging in the living room: an original Andy Warhol portrait of Barbie valued at over $200,000 and a chandelier — designed by "Project Runway" contestant Chris March — that's made up of over 30 blond wigs and took more than 60 hours to craft. He also admires a one-of-a-kind black-and-white wall mirror created with 64 dolls. The house is perched on a cliff in Malibu overlooking the ocean. It's a fantasyland for anyone.

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    Ce case , vise care nu se vor implini niciodata.

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    Singurele care imi plac sunt Hearst Mansion si Acqua Liana. Restul mi se par kitsch-uri si n-as putea locui in ele.

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    Privelistea din dormitorul Acqua Liana face toti banii!

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    Default Cele mai frumoase lacuri ale lumii

    Cei vechi spuneau ca lacurile sunt Ochii Pamantului in care se oglindeste Cerul. Noi, astazi, dupa decenii de poluare si pangarire irationala a tuturor apelor, cu greu mai putem sustine aceeasi metafora. Cu toate acestea, in ciuda agresiunii omului modern impotriva naturii, unele lacuri, aflate la mare distanta de “civilizatie”, au ramas intacte. Ireal de frumoase, incredibil de pure si transparente, sunt asezate in imprejurimi mirifice care te indeamna pe loc la liniste si reflectie interioara. Admirati-le frumusetea nemaintalnita!

    Lacul Masyu, Japonia

    Samuraii l-au considerat drept cel mai pur lac din lume. Masyu se afla la 74 de kilometri nord de orasul Kushiro. Demumit de localnici "Lacul Ceturilor", Masyu beneficiaza de un observator construit pe malul de est, locatie de unde turistii beneficiaza de cea mai frumoasa priveliste a imprejurimilor.

    In centrul lacului troneaza o mica insula, denumita Kanui-shu, ceea ce, in dialectul local, se traduce prin "Batrana Lacului". O poveste de prin partea locului ne spune ca: "odinioara, o batranica impreuna cu nepotul ei a reusit sa scape de un razboi devastator. Atunci cand a ajuns pe malurile lacului, nepotul s-a ratacit de ea. Disperata, batranica l-a implorat pe Zeul Lacului sa-i acorde un adapost pentru noapte. Dorinta femeii varstince s-a indeplinit intr-o clipita: o mica insula stancoasa a aparut brusc in mijlocul lacului. Zeul a adus-o pe batranica pe noul adapost si i-a spus doar atat: "Acum, ai tot timpul din lume la dispozitie."

    Localnicii sustin ca si in zilele noastre, in noptile reci, peste suprafata cetoasa a lacului se aud strigatele batranei care isi cauta nepotul ratacit.

    Lacul Kussharo, Japonia

    Nu putem parasi meleagurile nipone fara trecerea in revista a lacului Kussharo, de departe unul dintre cele mai spectaculoase lacuri de pe planeta, dar si cel mai salbatic din intreaga Japonie. Imensul ochi de apa este situat in craterul unui vulvan stins din Hokkaido, cea mai inghetata insula din arhipelegul nipon.

    Numele sau vine din limbajul bastinasilor Ainu, fiind singurul lac din Japonia care ingheata pe tot parcursul iernii. In mijlocul acestuia se gaseste, de asemenea, o insula, numita Nakajima. Apele lacului au o aciditate crescuta din cauza gazelor vulcanice, motiv pentru care aici supravietuiesc putine specii de pesti, printre care si pastravul curcubeu. De asemnea, in anul 1951, entomologii japonezi au descoperit aici o specie rara de cicada (Oncotympana maculaticollis).

    In prezent, lacul este un important loc de popas pentru lebedele mute, fiind situat pe ruta de migrare a acestor impresionante pasari acvatice. Ca si fapt bizar, Kussharo este cu adevarat Loch Ness-ul Japoniei, ajungand la aceasta reputatie dupa ce mai multi martori au sustinut ca au vazut in apele sale un monstru marin, denumit Kusshii de catre presa nipona, inca din anul 1973.

    Lacul Pukaki, Noua Zeelanda

    Il gasim in Insula de Sud a Noii Zeelande si este cel mai salbatic lac din aceasta tara de la capatul lumii. Are o suprafata de 178,7 kilometri patrati si este un lac glaciar. Lacul Pukaki este alimentat in mare parte de catre apele raului Tasman, care este creat din apele topite ale ghetarului alpin cu acelasi nume, precum si de apele topite ale ghetarului Hooker din Muntele Cook (Aoraki, in limba maori).

    Nivelul lacului a crescut spectaculos in doua ocazii: cu 9 metri, in anul 1940, si cu 37 de metri, in anul 1970, cu acesta ultima ocazie, scufundand in apele sale insula Five Pound Note. Apele lacului, prin intermediul unei hidrocentrale, produc jumatate din necesarul de energie electrica al Noii Zeelande.

    Lacul Geneva, Elvetia si Franta

    Cu o suprafata de 345,31 kilometri patrati, este unul dintre cele mai intinse lacuri din Europa Occidentala, fiind, in acelasi timp, si cel mai celebru lac de granita al Batranului Continent. Franta detine 4,47% din suprafata sa, iar Elvetia beneficiaza de 59,53% de luciu de apa. Lacul Geneva s-a format in urma topirii si a retragerii succesive a unui ghetar de mare altitudine.

    Vechii romani l-au denumit Lacus Lemanus (unii francezi de astazi numindu-l, in continuare Leman) ajungand sa isi imparta, in cele din urma, numele cu orasul Geneva din imediata apropiere. Este un lac alpin recunoscut din cele mai vechi timpuri pentru frumusetea sa si pentru apele line in care se oglindeste Mont Blanc (4.810 m), cel mai inalt varf al Muntilor Alpi.

    Adancimea lacului Geneva atinge cota maxima de 13 metri in portiunea dintre Evian si Laussane. In anul 1827, matematicianul francez Jacques Charles François Sturm (1803 - 1855) a ales apele Lacului Geneva pentru a masura in premiera viteza sunetului propagat in apa dulce.

    Lacul Kachura, Pakistan

    Alaturi de Shangrila, este considerat unul dintre cele mai frumoase lacuri din Kashmirul pakistanez. Si asta pe buna dreptate, deoparece in apele Kachura-ului cerul se oglindeste pana la adancimea maxima a lacului, de 70 metri.

    Apa, mai limpede decat cristalul, nu depaseste temperatura de +15 grade Celsius pe timpul verii. Iarna, in schimb, ochiul de apa transparenta din Kashmir este ascuns sub un strat de gheata care poate atinge si 2 metri. In lacului Kachura izvoraste marele si impresionantul Fluviu Indus.

    Lacul Peyto, Canada

    Am ajuns pe malurile unui lac magnific situat in Parcul National Banff din Muntii Stancosi Canadieni. Lacul, ale carui ape sunt alimentate de un ghetar imens din apropiere, si-a primit numele in onoarea lui Bill Peyto, primul ghid si vanator de blanuri pretioase care a explorat tinutul Banff. Peyto-lacul este situat la altitudinea de 1.860 metri, in mijlocul Vaii Waputik, fiind marginit de piscurile Cladron, Peyto si Jimmy Simpson.

    Pe vreme de vara, o cantitate semnificativa de gheata se topeste si se scurge in apele lacului, ceea ce duce la intensificarea culorii albastre a lacului. Tocmai culoarea sa, de un albastru nemaintalnit nicaieri in lume, a facut ca acest lac sa apara in numeroase reviste, vederi si postere.

    Cea mai frumoasa priveliste a lacului se poate admira de pe Bow Summit, punctul cel mai inalt al ghetarului Icefield Parkway, situat din apropiere. O parte din apele lacului se scurg in raul Mistaya.

    Lacul Bled, Slovenia

    Considerat de multi turisti si calatori drept cel mai frumos lac din Europa, Lacul Bled este tot un ochi de apa glaciar, situat in Alpii Iulieni din Slovenia. Are dimensiuni impresionante: 2.120 metri in lungime, 1.380 in latime, iar adancimea sa maxima este de 30,6 metri. Lacul are parte de o priveliste clasica, o frumusete greu de egalat, fiind incadrat de paduri batrane de brazi si munti maiestuosi.

    In centrul sau troneaza o insula cu acelasi nume, Bled (Blejski otok, in limba slovena), pe care se afla mai multe obiective turistice, cel mai impresionant fiind Biserica Pelerinilor Sfintei Fecioare (Cerkev Marijinega vnebovzetja, pentru localnici). Biserica a fost construita in secolul XV si se mandreste cu turnul inalt de 52 metri, in varful caruia se poate ajunge numai dupa escaladarea a 99 de trepte. Lacul este celebru si pentru conditiile exceptionale pentru practicarea sporturilor nautice. Se poate ajunge foarte usor pe malurile sale, fiind situat la doar 35 kilometri de Aeroportul International din Ljubljana.

    Lacul Como, Italia

    Lago di Como, cum il numesc italienii, este un lac de origine glaciara pe care il gasim in provincia Lombardia. Este un ochi de apa impresionat, cu o suprafata de 146 kilometri patrati si cu o adancime-record de peste 400 metri, fiind printre cele mai adanci lacuri din Europa. Ambianta deosebita si frumusetea intacta au atras aici oamenii inca din cele mai vechi timpuri, Lacul Como fiind o destinatie favorita pentru relaxare si odihna a tuturor aristocratilor bogati din Roma Antica.

    In prezent, lucrurile nu s-au schimbat deloc: pe malurile sale au vile si proprietati celebritati precum Madonna, George Clooney, Gianni Versace, Ronaldinho si Sylvester Stallone.

    Como are o dispunere stranie pentru un lac alpin, tarmurile sale desenand forma neregulata a literei Y. Daca il privim ca pe o destinatie strict turistica, atunci merita sa retinem ca Lacul Como este o locatie naturala unde putem observa animale si pasari, ne putem relaxa in imprejurimile sale pitoresti sau putem beneficia de serviciile numeroaselor spa-uri din imediata apropiere. Este permisa si practicarea unor sporturi nautice de genul wind surfing-ului, kite surfing-ului, sau, pentru toata lumea, navigarea cu barci de agrement.

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    Loch Lomond, Scotia

    Asa-i spun englezii. Parca, totusi, Loch Laomainn, in dialectul original galez, suna mai bine, nu-i asa? In fine, Lomond sau Laomainn, cum doriti, ramane nu doar cel mai mare lac din Marea Britanie, ci si cel mai frumos si mai salbatic ochi de apa in care se oglindeste cerul scotian... in putinele zile senine de aici.

    Misteriosul lac se afla la jumatatea distantei dintre campiile din centrul Scotiei si celebrele inaltimi de pe Highlands. Are o lungime de 39 de kilometri, o latime de doar 8 km si o adancime maxima de 190 metri. Este impodobit cu peste 30 de insule si insulite si a devenit, in ultimul timp, cea mai importanta destinatie scotiana pentru amatorii de pescuit si sporturi nautice.

    Lacul este celebru din pricina unei balade locale, compusa, in anul 1841, de catre un soldat scotian care, capturat de dusmani, isi astepta sentinta la moarte. Intitulata "The Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond", melodia a fost preluata si adaptata de numeroase trupe si artisti, printre care si formatia punk The Real McKenzies.

    Ca orice lac scotian care se respecta, Loch Lomond gazduieste in apele sale un monstru care se lasa uneori vazut de turisti si localnici. Acestia din urma se jura cu mana pe inima ca whisky-ul cu acelasi nume, produs in distileriile din apropiere, nu are niciun amestec in multitudinea de legende cu privire la aparitiile monstrului din Loch Lomond...


    Lacul Tsomoriri, India

    In statul Ladakh din nord-vestul Indiei, la o inaltime de 4.595 metri, troneaza cel mai mare lac de mare altitudine din Muntii Himalaya. Tsomoriri are o lungime de 19 kilometri, latimea sa atinge 3 kilometri, iar adancimea maxima circa 40 de metri.

    Lacul este inconjurat de spectaculoasa Vale Rupshu, marginita de piscuri montane de peste 6.000 de metri inaltime. Este un important loc de popas pentru pastorii nibazi tibetani din triburile Changpa. Templul budist Korzok, situat pe malul vestic al lacului, are o vechime de peste 400 ani si este vizitat anual de mii de pelerini budisti, alaturi de turistii atrasi de frumusetea locului.

    Atat lacul, cat si imprejurimile, au fost declarate rezervatie naturala in scopul protejarii unor specii rare si valoroase de animale, precum leopardul zapezii, marmota himalayana, oaia albastra himalayana, magarul salbatic tibetan sau Kiang-ul, gazela tibetana si un numar de 14 specii de pasari de apa.

    Lacul Shangrila, Pakistan

    Credinciosii budismului tibetan l-au botezat dupa Shangri-La, sau"Raiul pe Pamant", un loc mirific din panteonul budist. Insa, musulmanii pakistanezi, pentru a nu le da satisfactie budistilor, sustin ca numele lacului din Kashmirul pakistanez provine de la cel al tinutul fictiv, de basm, descris in romanul "Orizontul pierdut", scris de englezul James Hilton (1900 - 1954).

    Chiar daca se afla la marginea unei zone macinata sute de ani la rand de razboi si ura inter-religioasa, lacul Shangrila merita, fara nicio ezitare, vizitat: nu a fost denumit degeaba Raiul pe Pamant. Atat lacul in sine, cat si imprejurimile, se inscriu perfect in imaginea idilica compusa din frumusete naturala spectaculoasa, privelisti care iti taie rasuflarea si atmosfera meditativa.

    James Hilton povesteste in "Lost Horizon" cum un avion se prabuseste intr-o vale din apropierea lacului, undeva in anul 1920. Pasagerii supravietuitori descopera un templu budist, unde cer adapost si gazduire calugarilor. Norocosii occidentali sunt trimisi la o lamaserie din apropiere, cladirea fiind inconjurata de o gradina multicolora, plina de flori si fructe. Spre socul pasagerilor, calugarii care traiau acolo pareau nefiresti de tineri, cu toate ca in acte depasisera suta de ani. Locul idilic a fost numit Shangrila.

    Daca va intrebati care este povestea uluitorului Shangrila Resort Hotel de pe malul lacului, ei bine aflati ca acesta cladire are o istorie mult mai lumeasca. A fost construita de raposatul general de brigada Muhammad Aslam Khan (1908 - 2008), primul comandant al corpului de cercetasi si vanatori de munte din armata proaspat infiintatului (pe atunci) stat Pakistan.

    Lacul Manasarovar, Tibet (China)

    Lacul Manasarovar este un lac glaciar situat la circa 2.000 de kilometri de Lhasa, capitala provinciei autonome Tibet. Splendidul ochi de apa cristalina se afla la inaltimea de 4.556 de metri, ceea ce-i confera si titlul de lacul cu apa dulce situat la cea mai mare altitudine din lume. Strict tehnic, lacul are o suprafata de 320 kilometri patrati, o adancime de 90 metri si o circumferinta de 88 kilometri.

    Insa din punct de vedere religios, istoric si cultural, Manasarovar este de o importanta majora atat pentru credinciosii hindusi, cat mai ales pentru cei care au imbratisat Calea lui Buddha. Lacul are valente legendare: este personificarea puritatii. Cine soarbe o inghititura din apa sa in timpul vietii, va urca direct in Cerul Zeului Shiva, dupa ce isi va da obstescul sfarsit. Asta pentru ca, se spune, apa din Manasarovar curata omul de toate pacatele savarsite de-a lungul incarnarilor sale...

    Mii de pelerini budisti vin pe malurile lacului Manasarovar, credinciosii fiind atrasi de incarcatura sacra a locului. Chiar daca autoritatile chineze au inchis regiunea intre anii 1949-1980, masura nu i-a intimidat deloc pe credinciosi. Pentru toti budistii, lacul este venerat in rolul de Anavatapta, loc sacru unde Regina Maya l-a conceput pe insusi Buddha Sakiamuni. Cele cateva temple de pe malurile lacului, intre care se distinge mult-veneratul Chiu Gompa, intregesc spectacolul prin care Natura intalneste Sacrul.

    Sursa :

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    Foarte frumos!!!
    Sunt locuri in lumea asta pe care le poti numi Paradis.

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    Excelent thread, trebuie sa mai vin aici sa balesc din cand in cand la locurile astea.

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